Anthony's Key Resort
Sandy Bay
Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras
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Dolphin Swim & Snorkel

Become a Part of the Pod

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If you can snorkel, you can mingle…

…with a multi-generational dolphin pod in their private Roatan lagoon.

The Institute for Marine Sciences at Anthony’s Key Resort brings you an opportunity to swim and snorkel with our resident pod of dolphins on their terms, with no trained behaviors. Experience what it would be like to be a ‘part of the pod’ in the wild – it’s a thrill you’ll remember for years to come. With a limited number of fellow participants, you’ll enjoy maximum physical contact with these friendly marine mammals as they swim along with you throughout a two-acre enclosure. You'll be captivated by their natural curiosity, intrigued by their whistles and clicks as they communicate with each other, and delighted to see mothers and their calves swimming side by side. 

On this unstructured dolphin activity, the naturally curious dolphins are free to interact with you as they choose. Your Dolphin Snorkel begins as you travel across the resort's lagoon to Bailey’s Key, the private home to a large family of Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins. At a beach-front cabana a brief orientation will be given, and then you'll walk along a white sandy beach to wade waist deep into the gin-clear waters of the Caribbean where a trained naturalists will give you a personal introduction to a resident dolphin.

The trainer will describe the dolphins’ characteristics, anatomy and behaviors and will give you the opportunity to touch, kiss and play with a member of this friendly family of marine mammals. During the 30-minute encounter portion, you'll have excellent photo opportunities in addition to professional photographs that will be taken of you and your new friends. Following the encounter, you’ll snorkel with a limited number of fellow participants for approximately 30 minutes with over a dozen resident dolphins within the enclosure.

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  • Dolphin Swims are scheduled multiple times daily.
  • Participants must be 8 years of age or older and be accompanied by a parent or guardian while snorkeling to participate.
  • Participants should be familiar with the use of mask, fins and snorkel. Must have prior snorkeling experience.
  • Cameras or video are not allowed in the water during the snorkel session.
  • Total time spent with the dolphins is one hour.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed.